Queens Underground Poets
Queens Underground Poets day at the LI Nets 'Dr. MLK Celebration Game'
January 21, 2019 at 3:00pm
This promotion is now closed. Stay tuned for more!
Queens Center Of The Arts, located in the historic districts of St. Albans & Addisleigh Park, Queens, NY and is the home of The Queens Underground Poets. A grassroots Art & Performance Studio, our Poetry Open Mic Nights have become a huge hit! Both Up and Coming as well as Famous Poets, Singers, Musicians, Artists, and Comedians call our cozy-elegantly artsy space - home. With Live Jazz / Neo Soul, Talent Shows, Rappers Showcases, Comedy Nights, Poetry Nights, and Sip and Paint Nights, etc., we are fast becoming The Place To Be in Southeast, Queens, NY. We've had lot's of help from the community, organizations, artists, performers, and two very special Publishers: daughter and father, nZinga & Kamau Austin of the Southeast Queens Scoop Newsblog. We are honored to Award them with a Community Service Award for their diligent and caring support of us and so many small businesses! Join Us for the Half-Time Awards Presentation and our Amazing Poetry Showcase with M.A. Dennis, Mariah Scott, Mr. Orange Live, Sheener Bailey, and Emilio The Poet. Please continue to support us by purchasing tax-deductible tickets and follow us on: Instagram: QueensUndergroundPoets. QueensUndergroundPoets@gmail.com. Email or call the Studio (917) 387-8311 to purchase tickets and/or Perform. 198-20 Linden Blvd., Jamaica, NY 11412. Rental Space Available for your Event, Party, Showcase, etc.
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